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The electric car version of Saina can be considered as Iran’s first serious step into the realm of electric vehicles. Saipa has developed the electric version of Saina in collaboration with the Khaje Nasir University and the Punch Powertrain Co. (a Belgian company). As such, the electric Saina is a combination of domestic and foreign knowledge and technology.

This vehicle comes in two models, X200 and SP100, both designed to meet Saipa’s production guidelines and policies.

The full electrical engine has approximately 70 kilowatts of power, providing a range of 170 to 210 kilometers per hour depending on the battery type. The 70 kW engine is equivalent to 94 horsepower, while the non-electric Saina model, running on gasoline, has an 87 horsepower engine using the Pride model’s engine.

Saba Battery Company, which manufactures the electric Saina’s battery, introduced the certain criteria as follows. A single full battery is sufficient for around 200 kilometres. According to their research, a home electrical charge takes about three and a half hours, while fast charging of 80% of its capacity can be done in just 40 minutes.


The electric version of Saina is equipped with a dual-speed transmission, featuring a single gear for forward motion and another for reverse. It accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in approximately 12 seconds and has a maximum speed of 130 km/h. This electric car has the capability to cover 170 to 210 kilometers per charge.

Apart from meeting Saipa’s objectives, the primary and most prominent goal is environmental protection and reducing fuel consumption. This is inline with the policy of major automotive companies worldwide.


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